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services to 
keep your pet happy and healthy. We can accommodate all situations through personalized pet care.















































Initial Consultation & Key Exchange

In order for us to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship
that benefits us all, we offer a free initial consultation. During
this time, we will establish a pet care plan. We encourage you to provide us with 2 copies of your house key and the completed registration forms. Your keys will be kept on file and will never
have your direct contact information on the key. We do offer
key pick up and drop off for an additional cost. 



Midday Visits

We are here to help the different lifestyles of pet parents; those who
use us on an as-needed basis and those who use us on a regular basis. All midday visits are 30 minutes for walking, fresh water and lovin'. 

















Puppy Visits

For dogs 1 year and younger; ensure your lil' pups are
growing up with the proper care and attention they need by
allowing us to visit them twice a day for two 35 minute visits. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is a puppy can hold their bladder
for 1 hour per 1 month of age. At 2 months of age, they can hold it
for 2 hours, at 3 months of age they can hold it for 3 hours, etc.
 Visits will make sure your lil' one is given the opportunity to
be properly fed, hydrated and socialized. 



Morning and Evening Visits
If you need a morning visit before 10am or something a little
later than 4pm, we can help you out. Morning and evening
visits are 35 minutes to feed, medicate, walk and snuggle





Extra lovin'
Want us to spend a little extra time with your pets?
Additional 10 minutes can be added to any visit.




Cat Care

Not as dependent on us as our canine companions, our feline
friends are still in need of lots of care and affection. Visits
include 25 minutes of feeding, lovin' and litter box cleanup. 






























Critter Care
 Although our main focus is on dogs and cats, we
have not forgotten about the pet parents who have
other animals such as hamsters, fish, rabbits, etc. We do our
best to take care of all of our clients' furry (& wet) pets. 
Critter care is 25 minutes of cage clean up, feedings and lovin'.


Pet Sitting Package 
The pet sitting package is 1 morning visit (35 minutes),
1 midday visit (30 minutes) and 1 evening visit (35 minutes).
This is great for folks who plan to be gone for a few days.

Pop In Visit 
Pop In's are quick 15 minute visits that are great for a potty
break or to make sure things at home are running smoothly.

(*Only available in specific service area - 76542 Zip Code*)


Holiday Service

With enough notice and based on the availability of our staff, we
can offer any of our services on a holiday with a holiday service fee.
See our policies and guidelines to fully understand holiday services. 

charged holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day








Pricing, Services and Info...


We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to your specific needs.

Complimentary Services Include

- Fresh food & water
- Litter box clean up
- Check mail
- Water plants
- Administer medication

- Time To Pet software
- GPS tracking

- Detailed online report cards 
- Online scheduling 
- Check-in/Check-out time tracker
- Privacy & security protected credit card payments

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."  - George Eliot







Two-hour window
We would love to accommodate everyone’s request for a specific time; due to the varying schedules of different pet parents, we
reserve a two-hour window around the time of your scheduled visit. 




Prices listed here are base prices: your final quote is based on your location,
number and type of pets, services needed, medical/special needs, etc.

Let your pets stay home for the holidays...

Dogs have owners, cats have staff...

Can you put a price on peace of mind?

Midday Visit

Morning Visit


Evening Visit


Cat Care


Puppy Visit

Additional Animal


Extra lovin'


Holiday Charge

Key Exchange

Critter Care

Pet Sitting Package

Pop In Visit




















Services & Pricing

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